You may not need drugs for acid reflux, Heartburn and gerd

Stop Taking drugs

I am using my own money every month to tell you this. Acid reflux Heartburn and gerd drugs for can be dangerous.  Lawyers are running television ads to ask you to join their lawsuits. 

So what do you do?  

I read and researched the Asian diet.  Of course, we can not adopt their diet in our every day life.  Then I read about old natural remedies.  I finally found sometthing to try which seemed to make sense.

I tried it and it worked.  

Here it is.  No sales pitch.  Nothing to buy.

The factor that was the same between the Asian diet and old natural remedies was vinegar.

So I tried it.  A few tablespoons of vinegar in hot tea before every meal.  It worked.  (If you need more than 2 tablespoons of vinegar, add it to tomato juice, I like the spicy kind, you do not even taste it)

I no longer even wanted most meals.  Just a banana.  I was eating 2 bananas  a day and one small meal.  And my sugar cravings are totally gone.  And not bloating or constipation.

I am not a scientist.  I am not sure exactly why this works.   I believe the vinegar helps my system digest the food it already has so I am getting the nutrition and energy from it.

I have plenty of energy.  And of course, I am at a better weight.

Why am I telling you this?  Because my father suffered with this all his life.  No one told him.

He also used talcum powder all his life and died a difficult death from cancer, when it turns out manufacturers seemed to have known for decades how dangerous that was. 

I do not understand such wanton cruelty.  So if this information helps a few people from harmful side effects from drugs, I am happy to share it.  

Of course, I am not a scientist.  These are only my results.  I hope it helps someone.

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